Rancho Bernardo
Type of Team Co-Ed Pickup
When Monday/Wednesday 12:20 PM
Where They play at the Rancho Bernardo Community Park, 18448 West Bernardo Drive, San Diego, CA.

From the 15 freeway, take Rancho Bernardo Road exit, head west off the freeway, then first Right on West Bernardo, then park down on the left past the dog park.

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Backup Field If it rained recently, then we will play at our turf backup field: 4S Ranch Sports Park located at 16118 4S Ranch Parkway, 92127. MAP LINK and the field is in the back-right of the Boys and Girls Club parking lot. We usually play on Field #3.
Game Notes Game may be called off if they don't get at least 6 confirmed emails on game-day. Check with Ryan before showing up.
Contact(s) Ryan (rb.ultimate.manager at gmail.com) or 858-848-PLAY
Mailing List https://groups.google.com/d/forum/rb-ultimate (click "Apply for Membership" and be sure to include a note introducing yourself, otherwise we might think you are a spammer and not add you to the group)
Web Site 1 http://sandiegodisc.org/rancho-bernardo (this web page which you are currently looking at)
Web Site 2 http://pickupultimate.com/map/view/rb_ultimate

R.B. Ultimate Standard Operating Procedures

1. Anyone can start a new head count email thread to get a game going.
* Suggested subject line = "Game: Mon 1/1/2019 at 12:20pm @RBCP"
* Please don't just "reply to all" on a old thread from a previous day.
2. Please don't respond if you're not playing.
3. Our minimum to call "GAME ON" is 6 confirmed players (and maybe's don't count). If you only want to play 4v4 or 5v5, then just include that in your email response._
4. Get to the field and be ready to play by 12:20.
5. If you're going to be late, let us know how late to expect you.
6. We play on a full size Ultimate field if we've got 6v6 or 7v7 (40 yards wide, 70 yards long + 20 yard end zones, making the total field length 110 yards.). The field will be sized proportionally smaller for 3v3, 4v4, or 5v5 games.
7. Everyone is encourage to help setup the cones and pick teams so we can start playing as soon as possible.
8. We normally have two warm up points, followed by a game to 11, win by 2. If there's time, we will play a second game, usually to 7. The first game ends around 1:15 usually, and the second game around 1:30-1:40. It's OK to leave whenever you need to, even if a game is in progress.
9. Please always bring both a WHITE and DARK shirt.

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